We deliver by the pallet. There is a delivery charge of $50.00 for Rhode Island and Most of Massachusetts. The Cape and Connecticut are $75.00 for delivery.

Individual bags can be purchased at Fall River and Brockton Locations.


Please call to place your order or if you have any additional questions!

Hot Bricks

$ 350
  • Hot Bricks are 100% wood with very little ash (typically below 1%)  and low moisture content
  • hot bricks

Wood Pellets

  • Le Crete Wood Pellets $420/ton
  • LG Wood Pellets $350/ton
  • Cube X Wood Pellets $410/ton


  • 50 lb bag pea coal $12.50 a bag $490/ton
  • 50 lb bag nut coal $12.50 a bag $490/ton

Kiln Dried Bundled Firewood

$ 5.50
  • It is USDA certified and pest free with low moisture content
  • Cleaner than seasoned wood
  • kiln-dried wood