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Wood Pellets    

Wood Pellets

There are many reasons why someone would decide to purchase a wood pellet burning appliance.
It may be cost of operation, efficiency, environmental concerns, safety or beauty.
But, by far, the most common reasons for buying a pellet stove are cleanliness and convenience.

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Le Crete Wood Pellets                  

LG Wood Pellets

Cube X Wood Pellets


Anthracite Coal 

Anthracite Coal

Anthracite coal a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat.

            50 lb bag rice coal

            50 lb bag pea coal

            50 lb bag nut coal

            50 lb bag stove coal

Hot Bricks 

Hot Bricks are 100% wood with very little ash (typically below 1%)  and low moisture
content -> less than half the moisture content of cordwood -> much more heat makes it
into your house instead of converting water into steam which is lost up the chimney.

Wicked Good Hardwood Charcoal        

Great for grill-owners who don't like the additives in briquets.
Charcoal gives that old-time flavor that cannot be duplicated!
charcoal is used for fast cooking of different dishes in grills, barbecue and also for fireplaces.
Grilling over an open fire is the oldest method of cooking known to man (or woman!). On the western frontier it was the only way to feed hungry cowhands. Frontier food was prepared over glowing wood embers and was characterized by its hearty flavor and inviting aroma.